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  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
  • Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY
  • DIY flower vase with concrete

    DIY flower vase with concrete
  • DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern

    DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern
  • DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas

    DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas
  • How to make a succulent pillow

    How to make a succulent pillow

No-sew Christmas tree skirt

This is the last tutorial I made for Dream a Little Bigger. An easy way to make a Christmas tree skirt, you don’t even need a sewing machine. I was quick to make and it’s…

DIY Pegboard Christmas tree

What about giving your Christmas tree a modern twist? Here is the last project I made for Bob Vila, and I just love how it turns out! I know that this pegboard tree may not…

How to make Christmas ornament with concrete

After the bookends project, I told you I will work with concrete again. It was the perfect material to make some modern Christmas ornament. They are a little heavy but hold just fine in my…

DIY Christmas ornament with salt dough

My kids love playing with salt dough, the kitchen end up very messy, but they are happy and quiet for awhile. And I love to use it too. It’s one of the most affordable and…

Paper house decor

I’ve got this craft in mind for a long time, I’m so glad I finally took the time to realize it! So here is a little paper town, you put some LED tealight in it…

25 Free printable advent calendars

Advent calendar has become a tradition in our family. I can’t imagine December without counting down the days till Christmas. I like all kind of calendars: edible, family activities, educational…and of course homemade. I know…

Advent calendar made with egg carton

Christmas craft time has officially begun on the blog. Usually I’m not a big fan of all the Christmas magic, but I have some nice and modern Christmas crafts planned for the next weeks so…

How to make Stamped Christmas greeting Cards

It’s always nice to send and receive “real” greetings cards, the virtual ones are sweet too but I do prefer the traditional paper ones! Don’t do agree with me? So here is an easy idea…