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10 minutes DIY Spring Wreath

materials to make a spring wreath

It is one of the easiest DIY that you will find to make an Easter decoration. Without lying it doesn’t even take ten minutes to make one of these elegant wreaths.

If you want to make a last-minute Spring decoration, these unique wreaths are perfect to hang on the wall or on your front door. You can even create several different wreaths by printing the banners on different colored papers and celebrating the spring in French and Spanish.

You only need a few materials and the printable, which you will find in the library (it’s free, you just have to be registered). You will find all the detail watching the video and in the tutorial below.


Materials to make a DIY spring wreath

  • Embroidery hoop, circular or ovoid (diameter of 8 in. or less)
  • Artificial flowers and leaves
  • Colored sheets of paper
  • The free banner print (If you already are a member, click HERE for direct access to download your template)
  • A glue gun

The FREE banner printable is available in my resource library along with a bunch of other great prints and patterns. All you need to do is fill out the form and check your inbox for a welcome email with the password in. Click here to get in  >>>> FREE LIBRARY ACCESS

spring wreath banner free print

Grab some nice colored sheets, download and print the banners. The banners come in French, Spanish and English, you can choose to use one or several to create different wreaths.

spring wreath banner diy

Separate the two parts of the embroidery hoop and center the banner on the inner hoop. I didn’t glue the paper on the hoop, but you can do it if you want to.

making an easy spring wreath

Place the external hoop back in place to hold the banner into the embroidery hoop. Depending on the size of your embroidery hoop, you can choose to cut the extra paper or to keep the banner ends visible. Remember that the maximum size you can use with this print is an 8in. diameter hoop.

gluing foliage on spring wreath

With your glue gun and some artificial flowers to cover the embroidery hoop closure and add a Spring touch to your wreath. You can also use natural dry flowers and paper flowers…I used a mix of the three.

When placing your banner into the hoop, think where you place the closure as it will determine where you will add the flowers and foliage. As you can see I made one wreath with the flowers on top and a second one with the flowers on the side.

10 minutes spring wreath diy

My first idea was to use circular embroidery hoops, but my store was out of stock and I didn’t have much option than buying the oval shapes. In the end, I think this shape works quite well for an Easter craft as it reminds me of an egg shape. Don’t you agree?

I would love to see your wreath if you decide to give this Easy Spring Wreath a try. Don’t hesitate to share it in comments or drop me an email at amaryllis(at)ohohdeco(dot)com. Have fun crafting!

easy spring wreath diy

hang spring wreath diy

10 minutes spring wreath diy

simple to make spring wreath

And the last pic, so you can see how the wreaths look in my living room…and how many plants I have. I need to find new sports to spread my greens around the house or we won’t be able to access the couches.

spring wreath decoration

Want to remember it? Save this Easy DIY Spring Wreath in your favorite Pinterest board.

how to make a spring wreath in 10 minutes


You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.

This Easy 10 minutes Spring wreath was featured on All Free Holiday Crafts, If you are looking for crafting inspiration you can subscribe to them awesome newsletter.


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    This is such a cute spring wreath! It’s very creative and unique. Great job!