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How to make paper daffodils flowers

materials to make paper flower

It’s so much fun to make paper flowers! I remember when I was a kid we spend our Easter holidays on the beach with my cousins.

My mom and my aunt keep them self busy on the beach making crepe paper flowers that we sold, among children, for a few handfuls of shells.

Making paper flowers is a fairly simple and fast craft. It makes the perfect complement for seasonal decor or a party.

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As Easter approaches, nothing better than making daffodils or narcissus, which are undoubtedly the most emblematic spring’s flowers.

I made my daffodils with a yellow center and white petals, but feel free to play with other colors.

Natural daffodils come in several combinations of yellow, orange, and white, so don’t hesitate to be creative.

Read the tutorial below and watch the video to find out all the details.

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How to make a giant paper daffodil flower

Materials you will need to make your paper flower:

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making daffodil flower center

You will start by making the daffodil flower center. Cut a strip of 7 in. width in the yellow tissue paper.

Use the notched scissor to cut it so the center will look more like a natural flower.

make a daffodil with paper

Wrap the yellow strip around the paper roll, even better if you can wrap it a little uneven.

wrapping paper to make daffodil flower

Pass three yellow pipe cleaners through the roll. Attach the paper and the pipe cleaner together by wrapping a piece of wire just under the paper roll.

Cut a little the pipe cleaners if necessary and wrap the ends of each pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the flower pistils.

You can watch the video if you have any doubt.

petal template to make daffodil flower

To make the flower petals, you need to download and print the template. Cut the petal shape.

Take a sheet of white tissue paper and fold it into 6 parts. Place the petal template on it and report the shape with a pencil.

Cut the paper following the template. As tissue paper s quite thin you can cut all layers together.

attach petal to make daffodil flower

Grab three petals, place them around the flower center and attach them with a piece of wire.

Take three more petals, place them nicely so the flower looks as natural as possible, and attach them around the flower center with another piece of wire.

dowel to make flower stem

Now that your flower is done, you have to make the stem and the leaves.

Add a little glue at the end of the dowel, stick it into the flower center bottom and wrap some wire around to secure both parts together.

making paper leaves for doffidil flower

To make the leaves, take a green sheet and fold it three times lengthwise.

Cut a slightly rounded shape on the opposite side of the folds.

Open the shapes, you have 4 leaves. Keep them on the side, you will use them when making the stem.

stem with grenn paper

To cover the stem, cut one or two strips of green crepe paper.

Add a little glue on top of the dowel, next to the flower, and start wrapping the crepe paper around the dowel.

finishing doffodil paper flower

Keep wrapping the crepe paper until half high of the dowel, then you can incorporate the leaves.

Add a little glue on the bottom of the leaf, place it on the dowel and wrap crepe paper around the leaf bottom to hold it with the stem.

Make a few extra wraps, and add another leaf the same way. I added 4 leaves on each stem.

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Watch the video tutorial of the DIY giant paper daffodil flower

diy giant doffodil paper flower

And done! You just make a nice giant daffodil flower. As you can see it’s very easy to make so don’t hesitate to create a few to make a nice spring bouquet.

You can display your paper flowers in a tall vase. I suggest you place some pebbles in the bottom to balance the weight of the paper flowers and avoid the vase overturning.

You can also stick your paper flowers in planters filled with rice or dried beans.

Tell me, how would you like to display your giant daffodils? I stick mine in my kitchen planters.

The stem gets a little wet when I water my real plants but it makes a nice temporal spring decor.

Have fun making your paper flowers and don’t hesitate to share your creation in the comments!

easy diy giant daffodil paper flower

make giant daffodil with paper

Want to remember it? Save these DIY paper daffodils flowers on your favorite Pinterest board.

how to make giant daffodil paper flower

You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.



Wednesday 11th of March 2020

So, so cute, as always! Because I'm one of "those" people who love free things but am never satisfied, I wonder if you have made a tulip, too? What a pretty bouquet they would be together! Thanks so much for sharing.


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Thanks, Dinah. Tulip was one of the flower options I had in mind for this DIY but I end up making daffodils. They feel more like spring, don't you agree? The truth is that it's very fun to make giant flowers, so I will probably try more. A colorful bouquet of tulip will be nice! Thanks for the idea.