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How to make a Seasonal DIY Wall Hanging

material to make egg hanger

I love having flowers in the house. It’s cute and adds a pop of color. 

As it’s almost Easter, I think that the idea to use eggshells as vases is very wise. It’s pretty, cheap and perfect for a spring decoration.
Instead of using eggshells vases as a table center or to display them on a cupboard, I show you how to make a wall hanging decor.

You can fill the little eggs vases with any flower you like. It works great with wildflowers or dried flowers.

It’s a super simple and fun craft to make with only a few supplies. You can watch the video and read the tutorial below for all the details.

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Materials to make a Seasonal DIY Wall Hanging

To have clean eggshell, first wash them with water and little soap. Then crack them, try to open them leaving the bottom part a little bigger than the top.

Clean the inside with clear water and let it dry. Once the egg is dry you can peel off the membrane inside.

That’s it, your eggshell is ready to be used for crafting. Don’t forget to bake something yummy with the eggs!

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making a seasonal egg hanger

Cut 8 strands of rope, pass a bead at one end and make a knot to hold the rope together.

using rope to make wall hanger

To create the little basket where you will put the eggshell, divide the strands into groups of 2. Attach rope two by two with a knot. Try to make all the knots at 1-inch distance from the bead.

diy egg habger with rope

Then take one rope from one set of ropes and then one of the ropes from the neighboring set and tie a knot with both.

Repeat with the other rope strand to have four knots, more or less at 1 inch distance from the first set of knots.

making an easter wall decor

Pass all the rope ends through a wooden ring and tie a knot with another rope strand. To have a nice finish, wrap the rope around and cut the extra rope length.

Next, pass all the egg hanger through the dowel. attach a rope at each dowel end and hang on the wall. Place an eggshell into each rope hanger, fill with little water and decorate with flowers. Don’t you think that those fresh flowers make a cute spring decor?

As you can see I set up the egg vases at different highs, I give you the rope lengths I used: 19 in. – 21 in. – 23 in and 25 inches. (48, 53, 58 et 63 cm). Feel free to adapt the dimensions if you want.

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DIY seasonal wall hanging, Easter inspiration

Watch the video tutorial of the DIY Seasonal Wall Hanging Decor

You can display natural flowers, in this case, choose small ones and cut the stem short. I found that wildflowers look really cute in the wall hanger. You can also display dry or artificial flowers if you prefer.

This seasonal DIY wall hanger is very versatile and you can display all range of small items like colored eggs or pretty pebbles. Don’t hesitate to be creative and share your ideas on what to display in comments.

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Easter diy wall hanging

DIY spring wall hanging

Diy wall hanging with eggshells

Make a wall hanging with eggshelld

diy easter wall decor

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how to make an easter wall hanging decor


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Barbara Jones

Friday 7th of April 2023

OMG I love this wall hanging made with the egg shells. I also love the floating shells. I would leave it up after Easter that's how much I love the ideas. Thank you so much. Barbara


Tuesday 11th of April 2023

Thanks, Barbara. Crafting with eggshells is so much fun.