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DIY Fake plants

DIY fake plants


No matter if you don’t have green thumbs there are plenty of other ways to bring some greenery to your home without the hassle of watering. 

You will find over 30 amazing and easy DIY plant ideas in this article.

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How do you make your own fake plants?

There are several materials you can use to create faux plants. Let’s go through them quickly.

1. Paper

The easiest material for making fake plants is obviously paper. You can use bond paper, cardstock, or crepe paper.

You will also probably need some paints or sharpies to color the leaves and make them look natural.

Use terracotta pots or fill the planter in pebble to give weight, so your plant stays in place.

2. Artificial leaves

Artificial greens and leaves are a good basis for creating fake pot plants. Fake plants sold in stores do not always look pretty.

So, I suggest you take a look at these cool ideas to mix different leaves and greens to create pretty plants that look as good as real ones.

Who doesn’t dream of a green wall or an easy-to-maintain fig tree?

3. Felt and fabric

Using felt and scraps of fabric is also a great way to create fake plants.

The little felt succulents look better than real ones and I’m sure you’ll love a cute knitted cactus.

To make felt plants choose one that is thick, like this one. And don’t hesitate to play with several colors. This set is perfect for this kind of project.
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How to make paper plants?

Paper plants and easy and fun to make, from cactus to monkey mask you will certainly enjoy making several of these creative DIY plants.

Some tutorials come with templates to print. Most DIYs include a list of supplies. Is certain that you will need Green shades of cardstock paper and I have found this really perfect assortment!

DIY cardboard cactus // Honey and fizz


How to make a paper orchid plant


DIY paper succulent


How to make DIY Paper Plants Tricolor Ginger

How to make DIY Paper Plants: Tricolor Ginger (Free printable)


DIY paper plants // The house that Lars built


diy paper cactus

Paper cactus tutorial and template


diy paper succulent

DIY Paper succulent (free template)


paper tropical leaf DIY

Easy to make paper tropical leaf


DIY paper tree

DIY faux tree made with paper


fake paper spider plant

Faux spider plant

DIY pilea plant

DIY pilea plant

DIY paper monkey mask plant

How to make a paper monkey mask plant

How to make an artificial plant that looks real

Another way to create faux plants is to combine several kinds of leaves and greenery.

For example, you can easily create a green wall, an assortment of succulents, or even a fig tree. Did you know you can upcycle a pool noodle into an amazing cactus?

Below you will find several ideas for harmoniously mixing leaves and green and creating pretty assortments and decorations.

fake cactus DIY

Fake Cactus DIY plant

DIy fake plant with storage

DIY fake plant with hidden storage

 DIY Fake topiary

diy faux fiddle tree

How to make your own fiddle tree

fake succulent arrangement

Easy faux succulents arrangement

DIY faux succulent terrarium

DIY faux succulent terrarium

Faux terrarium DIY

How to make a faux terrarium

diy wall plant frame

Easy DIY wall plant frame

How to make plants with felt and fabric

Felt is a great material to work with and is particularly well suited to creating succulents.

Making fabric plants is also a good way to use your scrap fabric.

No worries, you don’t have to be an experimented seamstress to make these plants in fabrics.

Most of these projects are very easy to make and in several cases, you won’t even need a needle.

You will find many lovely ideas below, from felt succulents, to knit cacti and plant cushions, no doubt you will find the perfect fake plant to make.

diy fake felt succulents

DIY felt succulent garden


DIY Fabric cactus // I manufatti

crochet succulent free pattern

Crochet succulents (free pattern)

succulent pillow pattern

How to sew a succulent pillow

DIY knit cactus

DIY knit Cactus

Easy DIY felt plants

Easy to make felt plants

DIY felt cactus craft

Simple DIY felt cactus

easy DIY felt succulent

Easy to make felt succulent

cactus pillow and succulent pillow on the floor

DIY fabric cactus

DIY big fabric cactus

How to make a big cactus

This last plant idea is not made out of felt or fabric, but it’s too pretty not to share it:

DIY pebble cactus

DIY pebble cactus

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DIY fake plants ideas



You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.