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How to Sew a Nesting Fabric Basket: A Step-by-Step DIY Tutorial

Fabric basket pattern step-by-step tutorial

Are you tired of cluttered shelves and disorganized spaces? I will show you how to create a functional and stylish storage solution for your home: nesting fabric baskets.

By following the simple DIY tutorial, you’ll be able to make three different sizes of baskets, each shaped like a beautiful flower. Let’s get started!

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[ This post probably contains affiliate links, our full disclosure policy is boring, but you can read it HERE ]

About the Nesting Fabric Basket pattern and step-by-step tutorial

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in clutter? It’s a common problem that many of us face when trying to keep our homes tidy. But what if I told you that you could create an adorable and functional storage solution that is not only practical but also adds a touch of handmade charm to any room?

That’s where these nesting baskets come in! In this sewing pattern and step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to create three different sizes of baskets, each shaped like a beautiful flower.

The fabric nesting baskets come in three sizes with the following dimensions:

  • Large basket diameter of 12in. by 4 ½  in. high (30cm x 12cm)
  • Medium basket diameter of 9in. by 3 ½ in. high (23cm x 9cm)
  • Small basket diameter of 6in. by 3 in. high (15cm x 7,5cm)

The pattern and the step-by-step are available as an instant download PDF files in the shop.

As soon as you complete your purchase, you can download it and start sewing.

Sewing baskets is a simple project that you will easily complete even if you are a beginner. It will take you 1-2 hours to complete, depending on your sewing skills.

We’ll cover everything from choosing the perfect fabric to sewing it all together. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started on this fun and rewarding project!

Nesting fabric basket pattern

how to sew nesting basket

How to choose the fabric

When it comes to choosing the fabric for your nesting fabric basket, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider the weight and durability of the fabric. You want something that can hold up to wear and tear, especially if you plan on using the basket regularly.

Next, think about the color and pattern of the fabric. Do you want something bold and bright to add a pop of color to your space? Or do you prefer a more neutral tone that will blend in seamlessly with your existing decor?

Lastly, when selecting your fabric, consider both its weight and texture. A lightweight fabric may not be sturdy enough to hold the weight of items in the basket You’ll want to choose a medium or heavy-weight fabric that is sturdy enough to hold its shape but not too heavy to work with.

A medium-weight cotton, linen, velvet, or upholstery fabric will work great.

Overall, taking the time to choose the right fabric for your nesting fabric basket can make all the difference. Once you have your fabric picked out, it’s time to gather your materials and get started on your sewing project.

Nesting fabric basket pattern

Fabric basket flower shaped

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Gather Your Materials

Aside from your chosen fabric, here goes the supplies you’ll need to sew the baskets:

Nesting fabric basket pattern


Nesting fabric basket DIY

What does the PDF files include?

In order to bring your beautiful fabric basket to life, you’ll need to put your sewing skills to use. I will guide you thought the all sewing process.

The PDF files include:

  • Downloadable Nesting baskets pattern (3 sizes)
  • Supplies list
  • Fabric suggestion and yardage
  • A detail step-by-step tutorial with written instructions and photos
  • Unlocked access to the full video tutorial

The PDF includes a list of required materials and tools, as well as the pattern pieces you’ll need to print out and cut before beginning. These pattern pieces ensure that your basket will have the correct shape and size.

In addition to the pattern pieces, the PDF includes step-by-step photos with written instructions. You will also have access to the full video tutorial, making it easier to understand each step of the process.

Nesting fabric basket pattern

How to sew nesting fabric basket

Ready to sew the nesting fabric baskets?

In conclusion, learning how to sew a nesting fabric basket is an easy and rewarding DIY project that will give your home a stylish and functional storage solution.

You can explore a variety of fabrics and create baskets in different sizes and shapes to fit any space.

Remember, organization doesn’t have to be boring, and these beautiful handmade baskets will add charm and personality to any room. So grab your materials and get started on your next project.

Nesting fabric basket pattern

Happy sewing!

DIY fabric basket

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Fabric nesting basket - sewing pattern and tutorial