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Fitted table cover, the easy DIY

Making a fitted tablecloth is super fast and it’s one of the best ways to protect a table. This cornered tablecloth takes less than 30 minutes to make and it’s super handy if you want to place an oilcloth or laminated cotton tablecloth on the table.

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I know that putting vinyl on the table is maybe not a first decorative choice (it’s not mine either, I confess) But it is a practical solution if you use your table daily (with children) and want to protect it.

Making a tailored tablecloth keeps the tablecloth in place on the table.

I don’t know if you have the same problem at home, but here the tablecloth constantly slides around to the point of almost falling off the table.

I have to center it several times a day. Since I made the fitted table cover, no more moving tablecloth, very practical!

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How to make a fitted table cover

Supplies you will need to make a cornered tablecloth:

This project is doable by hand too.

You will use the sewing machine to sew the tablecloth corners. There are only 4 seams of a few inches to make so it’s something you can easily make with hand-stitches too.

Oilcloth or laminated cotton?

You can use these two types of fabrics to make this project as they don’t fray. What is the difference between the two?

Oilcloth is a shiny plastic fabric, easy to clean with a wet cloth.

It is a fairly thick and rigid fabric. It is a little more difficult to sew because Oilcloth is slippery.

Laminated cotton is a cotton fabric that has received a layer of waterproof protection. Is softer and easier to sew than oilcloth. This fabric can be cleaned with a wet cloth and/or machine washed.

Which one to choose?

If you want to use the fitted table cover to do DIY activities (painting, clay,…) I suggest you use oilcloth fabric because it is the most resistant and easy to clean. You can have a look at all the pretty oilcloth fabric they have here.

If you want to cover a dining table, I find laminated cotton to be prettier. It’s cotton fabric and the look is closer to a regular tablecloth, with the ease to clean it with a wet cloth. So many pretty laminated cotton designs to choose from this shop.

To calculate the yardage of fabrics you will need, measure the table top and add 8 in. (10cm) in length and 8 in. (10cm) in width.

It is very likely that the fabric you buy will be wider that what you need. I explain how to easily cut it below.

To have the fabric at the right size you can obviously measure and cut it. But I find it tedious when you have to work with large pieces of fabric. So I came up with another idea.

Place the fabric on the table wrong side up. Align the width and length of the fabric with the table low edge and tape to hold in place.

That way you already have two sides of the fabrics well placed.

Cut the two other sides of the fabric following the table low edge. Once all the extra fabric is trim tape in place, so the fabric doesn’t slip for the next step.

Carefully pin the 4 corners. Place the pins vertical and close enough to the table corner.

Remove the fabric off the table and sew the edges following the pins.

Cut the extra fabric a 1/4 in. (5mm) from the seam.

If needed trim a little the fabric to have the bottoms aligned.

And done! It’s that simple to sew one corner. Repeat previous steps to sew all four corners.

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Place the fitted table cover on the table and enjoy!

Watch the video tutorial to make a fitted table cover

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I like my new DIY tablecloth. I have my table covered with oilcloth for years. I regret not having sewn cornered table cover sooner! The tablecloth doesn’t move, it’s super practical!

Sewing a fitted tablecloth is also perfect to use on an outdoor table. The fabric is resistant to wet weather and the sewn corners keep the tablecloth in place even if some wind!

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Can you guess?

Can you spot all the DIY in the 2 pictures above? They are 5 of them not considering the table cover!

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