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    Paper Lampshade DIY
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    Easy to make DIY phone stand
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    How to make Paper photo frame
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    DIY Holly Christmas Garland

Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern

Complete your Christmas tree decoration by sewing an original star-shaped tree skirt. A tree skirt is great for covering up the stand and to give your tree a nice finish. It’s also the perfect backdrop… View Post

How to make Christmas ornaments with toilet paper roll

Toilet paper roll is maybe not the first material you may think about to make pretty Christmas ornaments. Well, I will show you can create some pretty star-shaped Christmas ornaments with this common item. [… View Post

Easy to make Felt Christmas Ornaments patterns

Using felt to make Christmas tree ornaments is a great idea. It’s a simple material to work with and very affordable. You can handmade felt decorations in any color you like. They are kids friendly… View Post

How to decorate a Scandinavian Christmas tree?

Scandinavian Christmas decor is a great inspiration for the holiday season. Its simplicity and modernity are a must. We may see beautiful decorations in magazines and stores, but it’s not always easy to reproduce this… View Post

How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow

A pumpkin throw pillow is a nice and cozy addition to your decor fall. It’s quite funny to sit on the couch between a few comfortable and soft pumpkins. [ This post probably contains affiliates… View Post

How to make a Fall Leaf Garland

A fall leaf garland decoration is simple to make and perfect to bring autumn inside the house. I love this time of year when we can still take advantage of the last sunny days and… View Post

Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

Who’s up for crafting a cute and easy fall decoration with wheat stalks? I love dry flowers and plants. They are pretty and bring a touch of nature inside the house. [ This post probably… View Post

Succulent pillow pattern

I’m so glad I finished this sewing project. I had it in mind for a long time and after several tries (and fails) I finally managed to sew exactly what I wanted …If you follow… View Post