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Easy Pumpkin sewing pattern

how to make pumpkin shaped pillow

Sewing a fabric pumpkin is a nice and cozy addition to your decor fall. It’s quite funny to sit on the couch between a few comfortable and soft pumpkins pillows.

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You can, of course, place the stuffed pumpkins in an armchair or on a bed, but you can also use them almost anywhere in the house to create a nice fall atmosphere.

Display soft pumpkins on a console table, a bench, or even on your front porch (provided it’s sheltered from the rain of course).

I choose some classic colors to sew my pumpkins shaped pillows, rusty orange, and a pretty reddish-orange. The best thing about handmade projects, is that you are free to create the pumpkin cushions with the fabric of your choice.

Why not try to make some blue pumpkins, or using different shades of white and cream fabric for a modern look.

Tell me? What colors would you like to try?

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Easy fabric pumpkin pattern

To sew this pillow you will need some simple supplies (see the list below) and the “cactus pillow” pattern. Yes, you read that right, surprising as it sounds, the pumpkin pillow is a hack of my cactus pillow.

I used the same pattern, instead of embroidering thorns on the sides and sewing a flower on top, I just added a stem and leaves.

You can buy the pumpkin pillow pattern in my shop.

If you previously bought the Cactus pillow pattern, just download the stem and leaf pattern.

You can now make two cute pillows out of the same pattern! How cool is that 😉

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DIY pumpkin shaped pillow

How to make a DIY pumpkin pillow?

Supplies you will need to sew a pumpkin cushion:


  • You really need very little felt for this project, the best is to use scraps. If you don’t have any this assortment may be a good option.
  • I used one bag of cushion filling foam for each pumpkin. If you want your pillow to be cozier I suggest you put some less. It gives you an idea of how much filling foam you will need.

Ready to start sewing your pumpkin shaped pillow?

Start by sewing the pumpkin body using the same pattern as the Cactus pillow (available in the shop). Follow the Cactus pillow tutorial from Step 1 to Step 23.

I used orange cotton fabric but it will also look very nice to sew stuffed pumpkin using sherpa fabric. 

You can also add a touch of fun sewing the pattern using different fabric prints for a patchwork effect.

The PDF pattern includes the actual pattern pieces for cutting out after printing, a full photo tutorial that shows you how to sew this pattern together, and a detailed video tutorial. All are available as an instant download.

Just place your order and complete the payment. You will receive an email with the link to download your sewing pattern and tutorial.

stem template to make pumpkin shaped pillow

Once you have the pumpkin body shape, you can make the stem. Report the stem shape twice on the felt. Cut out the shapes adding a seam allowance of 1/2 inch (1cm).

If you don’t already have it, you can click on the link to download the stem and leaf pattern.

sew the stem for pumpkin shaped pillow

Place both stem shapes on top of each other, pin, and sew. Leave the bottom open.

fill the stem of the pumpkin pillow

Turn the stem shape right side out and fill it with cushion filler.

stitch the stem of the pumpkin pillow

Close the stem bottom with a few hand stitches.

sew the stem on the pumpkin shaped pillow

Place the stem on the pumpkin center a sew it with invisible stitches.

report the leaf shape to make pumpkin pillow

Take the leaf template and report it on the green felt fabric.

cut leaf for the pumpkin shaped pillow

Cut out the leaves. You can choose to make one, two, or more leaves to your pumpkin.

fold and sew the leaf on the pumpkin pillow

Make a double fold on the leaf center and stitch it next to the stem. Making the fold gives the leaf a nice volume but it works if you sew it flat too. I just made a few stitches next to the stem to attach the leaf.

I kept the pumpkin as it, but if you want a more spooky look you can cut some eyes and mouth shapes in black felt to make a pumpkin Halloween pillow.

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Watch the video tutorial to make a pumpkin shaped pillow


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I hope you enjoy this fall craft. Remember the pumpkin pillow pattern is available in the shop.

Have fun sewing and don’t hesitate to share your make, I love to see what you sew with my patterns.

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How to sew a pumpkin shaped pillow


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