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  • DIY flower vase with concrete

    DIY flower vase with concrete
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    DIY Cactus Pillow Sewing pattern
  • DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas

    DIY Scandinavian Patio Ideas
  • How to make a succulent pillow

    How to make a succulent pillow
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    DIY paper Palm Leaf
  • How to make relaxed roman shades

    How to make relaxed roman shades

How to make a rolling planter with fabric

I know that the last posts have been about plants and planters, I hope you will not run away seeing another DIY also about green! I’m a little crazy about indoor plants and I try…

How to make a planter leather cover

We all know that plants are a great way to decorate a room. There is countless species to choose from and we all have our favorite. One of my fav’ the philodendron, it grows fast…

10 pretty items you can make with leather

Noble material, adding leather in the house brings a touch of elegance. I always prefer to use synthetic leather, now a day they are very well made, and you can barely see the difference with…

How to make rope basket using a glue gun

My mom makes fun of me because I can’t stop making rope crafts! She is right, it’s so entertaining to create using rope, that I don’t want to stop! I already give a try sewing…

DIY flash drive tassel

The one thing I really hate, is looking after my stuff! What a lost of time, it drives me nuts! Even if my craft room is a mess, it’s an organized mess and I usually…

DIY cord choker wrap necklace

I think necklaces and earrings are my favorite jewelry items to wear! It’s always fun to create your own accessories. You can choose the shape and colors to mach your outfit. Plus it’s a quite…

A simple way to customize your boots

Even if I own a lot of shoes and boots, I would love to have more! It won’t fit into my closed and It will take to much time in the morning to choose which…

How to make a leather plant hanger

One of my dearest friend move back to Europe this summer, before leaving she give me one of her favorite plant and I promise I will give it a special spot in the house. There…