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Sew a faux leather purse: trio zippered bag

sew leather purse

I have been sewing a lot lately, and didn’t have time to take pictures yet! So, one of the last things I made was my sister birthday’s present, a trio zippered bag!
I work on the same basis as the Duo zippered bag, but I used 3 different faux leather colors to make the pouches.

The purse is super practical with its three pouches. You can choose to make it in a wide variety of colors and combine them the way you like to suit your taste.

The pouches are not lined, this makes it a very easy sewing project to achieve.

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How to sew a fake leather purse

Supplies you will need to make a leather zippered bag:

Some faux leather fabric just looks like plastic…that’s not the one we want to sew with. If it helps, this one has a nice texture and comes in different colors.

Cut 6 rectangles of 12″ x 8″ (20 x 30 cm) and rounded two corners. Put grommets on the two corners that aren’t rounded. You can have a look at the picture below if you have any doubt.

sewing leather purse

To sew the first pouch, grab two rectangles. Lay one right side facing up and align the zipper on the top edge. The zipper is the wrong side up. Sew them together.

Place the second rectangle on top, the wrong side up. Align the top edge with the zipper and sew.

At this point, both rectangle are sewn with the zipper. Leave the zipper open and make a seam along both of the zipper sides to keep the leather flat.

Place both rectangles on top of each other, right side facing, and sew along the three sides.

Turn the pouch right side out and done.

Repeat to make two more pouches.

When you sew your faux leather I don’t recommend using pins because they will leave small holes visible in the faux leather fabric. I suggest you to use these kinds of clips to keep the pieces together when sewing.

If you prefer following a tutorial with pictures to make the pouches, you can follow steps 1 to 7 of this tutorial. Be careful not to add the leather strips mentioned in step 7.

This is what you must have at this point:

diy leather purse 

 Then just pass a key ring on each side of each pouch to keep all 3 together. Finish by adding the chain t make the purse strap.

how to sew a fake leather purse

Et voila! Nice new bag for my lovely sister!  The inspiration came from this fabulous Celine bag.

Want to remember it? Save this faux leather purse in your favorite Pinterest board

how to sew a leather purse

You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.


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Tuesday 16th of February 2016

So cute and easy! I want to make one now! ;)

Ama Ryllis

Tuesday 16th of February 2016

And very practical to use! Have fun sewing!

hami jam

Monday 9th of June 2014

Wow it's so beautiful handbag i love it ..leather jacket

Kristen Jomes

Friday 13th of September 2013

Beautiful! The leather pouch is too stylish I must say. The color is appealing and attractive. I really like the design and whole fabrication process. Though I often carry my Kilkenny orla kiely bag, but sometimes I also like to fabricate such unique stuff at home. I love to do experiments with leather and fabrics. I will surely try to create the bag at my home.


Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Today, I saw your blog on weupcycle an I must say this bag is soooo cool ! :)I love her :D

Elena Mandalena

Sunday 7th of April 2013

That's a lovely idea and it looks easy!Thank you for sharing