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  • How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow

    How to make a pumpkin shaped pillow
  • How to make a Fall Leaf Garland

    How to make a Fall Leaf Garland
  • Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY

    Wheat decor Wall Hanging DIY
  • Succulent pillow pattern

    Succulent pillow pattern
  • DIY Desk Organizer Caddy

    DIY Desk Organizer Caddy
  • Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

    Shoe storage ideas: 21 easy DIY

DIY office storage ideas

Back to school also mean time to clean and organize the office, at least for me. Spending a few weeks away from the computer makes me realize how messy my working area is. I want…

5 ways to make yourself a beach towel

I hope you enjoy the nice weather! Summer time always involves some water activities. You may like reading a book on the beach, lying next to the swimming pool with a cocktail or maybe you…

The best DIY accessories for this summer

Tell me, do you keep crafting during summer time? Obviously the weather is nice and we like to be outside. If you are lucky enough to own a backyard, you may be busy gardening! On…

Awesome shelving you won’t believe are homemade

I’m not the most organized person, but I try some how to keep the house decent. With our new baby coming soon, we get tons of baby stuff around again, and I started to freak…

Creative decor ideas inspired by the moon

I don’t know if it’s because the weather is so hot, and I desperately wait for the night to bring some freshness. But I figure that you would enjoy some moon inspired decor ideas! I…

6 pretty DIY to customize your sandals

 Time to put some nail polish on and expose your pretty feet to the sun! I like shoes and sandals are no exception. I prefer to own several pairs and change often. So I try…

10 pretty items you can make with leather

Noble material, adding leather in the house brings a touch of elegance. I always prefer to use synthetic leather, now a day they are very well made, and you can barely see the difference with…

The 5 DIY you need to celebrate Mother’s day

Less that one week left until Mother’s day…do you already have everything planned? If like me you are more a last-minute kind of person, you may want to have a look at the five best…