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Gifts for Craft Lovers, 20 ideas under $20

Crafter love gifts that spark their creativity. If you’re looking for inspiration to find a gift for your favorite crafty person, you’ve come to the right place.

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You will find below a selection of 20 gift ideas for less than 20 dollars that will delight the maker you want to spoil.
If you have a crafter soul, his article will undoubtedly make you want to add some ideas to your gift list.

What do you give someone how is crafty?

The best gift is a DIY kit. This is the perfect opportunity to discover a new craft or a new technique.

Kits contain the supplies and instructions needed to complete the craft.
It’s great to wake up creativity and try new things.

These DIY kits for adults come at super affordable price and guarantee hours of entertainment for your favorite crafty person.

Thread bowls kit

macrame leaf kit

Macrame Kit

Embroidery kit for beginners

sun printing kit

Sun printing kit

Felt succulent craft kit

yarn rainbow

Yarn rainbow DIY kit

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What does a crafter need?

Short answer: Storage

If you are a crafter you know the struggle of organizing craft supplies and tools.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me just tell you that a crafter will never have enough supplies and tools to craft… so the craft room often overflows.

It is, therefore, a very good idea to offer small additional storage to sort and organize the supplies.

Boxes, crates, baskets and desk organizers will always be welcome.

Art supplies bag organizer

desk caddy

Craft tools caddy

Craft wall organizer

mini storage crates

Mini stackable storage crates

The cutest sewing basket

top desk organizer

Multifuncional Desktop organizer

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More gifts ideas for crafty people

You haven’t found your happiness with the previous gift ideas?

Why not offer something more personal, like a t-shirt, a mug, or a decoration for the craft room?
A classic idea is of course an apron, whatever your crafty friend’s passion is, things tend to be messy once in a while.
To avoid ruining clothes nothing better than an apron… Think about one that´s big and with pockets.

And if you want to know, I dream of that as a gift! I probably won’t win the prize for the best look but it’s so practical!

A crafty t-shirt

craft t-shirt

T-shirt for crafty person

A mug for crafter

craft room sign

Personalized craft room sign

A large apron

folded scissors

Travel foldable scissors

Craft room wall decor

skein mug

Skein Mug

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Want to remember it? Save these 20 gifts for craft lovers in your favorite Pinterest board.

gift ideas for crafters

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