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How to Sew Bolster Pillow to store your winter duvet

Nothing could be nicer than a well-made bed with pretty linen and a few comfortable cushions.

I was delighted when Magic Linen contacted me to send over a set of linen duvet cover.

Trying on these new bedsheets was the perfect opportunity to add bolster pillows to make the bed even more comfortable.

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You’ll love this idea, these bolster pillows hide a secret: they are also a storage for duvet inserts or blankets you don’t use!

Magic linen is a company based in Lithuania that creates beautiful linen collections.

Magic linen combines the quality of linen with trendy colors and high-end finishes.

They have extensive collections for the home that include linen bedding, tablecloth and napkins, curtains, and bath linen. They also have a nice collection of airy and stylish linen clothing.

Magic linen gifted me a duvet cover of my choice. I hesitated for a time between different colors. I almost choose the tan set, but it would have involved completely redecorating my room … which is tempting but with the kid still taking online classes wasn’t reasonable.

Fortunately, the linen color choice is vast and on-trend. I finally opted for a gorgeous Matcha Green set!

I love it and the color combines perfectly with the bedroom wall.

There are several little details that I truly appreciated when I placed my order.

Magic linen offers different sizes of duvet covers and pillows. for twin, queen, king … pretty normal you will tell me.

What makes the difference is that you can choose the exact size according to your country. Because no, a king bed does not measure the same size in the USA as in Europe. I find it really handy to know that you order the linen bedding that will fit perfectly on your bed!

Another option that Magic linen offers is the possibility to order extra pillowcases. A pair comes in the set and I was able to order an extra one.

We all have our little habits, ours is to sleep with three pillows. So for the first time, the three pillows have coordinated pillowcases! It’s a detail that makes me happy!

I also like that the duvet cover can be closed with buttons, it’s a nice finish and my ugly duvet stays well hidden!

Such beautiful sheets needed to be completed with pretty cushions, scroll down for the tutorial to make a drawstring bolster pillow cover.

Easy to Sew Bolster Pillow

I love cushions, they are a simple way to enhance the decoration of a room.

These bolster pillows are perfect for laying on a bed, they look nice and also provide some lumbar support.

Best of all, it’s also a clever way to store your extra duvet or blanket.

Indeed, instead of padding the cushion with cushion filling, you can use a duvet.

I don’t know how it works for you, but here I have winter and summer duvet that I change according to the seasons.

Instead of storing them in a closet, I now use them as a cushion to decorate my bed. Note that if you don’t make duvet switches, this project also works with plaids or throw blankets.

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How much fabric do I need for a Bolster pillow?

I’ll explain how to take the dimensions and calculate the amount of fabric you need to make your bolster pillow cover.

Start by folding and rolling the duvet in the most convenient way for you.

I have used my children’s duvets (twin bed) to make my bolster pillows. I folded the duvet in half lengthwise and then rolled it up.

Grab a ruler and measure the length of the rolled duvet. Mine is 25 in. (65cm). Write down the measures you take you will need them to calculate the fabric needed.

Measure the diameter of the rolled duvet. Mine is 6in. (15cm)

The last measurement to take is the circumference. Preferably take it on side of the fold, where it’s thickest. As example, my measure is 17 in. (44cm).

You have now the 3 measures you need to sew your pillow: Length, diameter and circumference.

To make the body of the pillow cut a fabric rectangle of length +1in (2.5cm) by circumference + 1in.(2.5cm). The extra inch you add is the seam allowance.

Taking my pillow dimensions as example, I need to cut a rectangle of 26in. x 18in. (25in.+1in. x17in.+1in.)

I choose a different fabric color to make the pillow sides. The fabric I work with was a ice color but a little to thick for the drawstring to close nicely. So prefer medium or thin fabric to make the sides. You can also use the same fabric as the pillow body if you like.

To make the side you need to cut two long rectangles. Take the diameter measure ad to divide it into 2 to have the radius. Add 1 1/2 in. (4cm) to the radius measure.

Cut 2 rectangles with these measures radius+1 1/2in. by circumference+1in.

For my pillow that mean; radius of 3in.+1 1/2in. by 17in +1in -> 4 1/2 in. x 18in.

Supplies to make a Bolster pillow

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How do you make a Bolster pillow cover?

You have three pieces of fabric, one large rectangle and two small for the sides. Ready to start sewing the bolster pillow cover.

Align one small rectangle with the side of the large rectangle, right face facing each other. Pin along the edges. If the fabric you work with tend to fry, serge or zigzag all the edges before you start sewing.

Make a seam at 1/2 in. from the edge.

Repeat the same step to sew the second rectangle on the opposite side.

Turn your piece wrong side up and iron the seams.

Fold the piece lengthwise, align and pin along the edges. If you work with different fabric like I did, double check that the seams are aligned too.

Sew at 1/2 in. (1cm) from the edge.

Time to make the hem to pass the drawstring. Unstitch 1in. (2cm) of the seam. You can use your scissors or a seam ripper.

Make a fold of 1in. all around the pillow edge ad pin. You can use the iron to mark the fold. Make a seam close to to the fold edge so you have enough space in the hem to pass a ribbon.

Note that the pillow is wrong side out 😉

Sew a second drawstring hem of the other side of the pillow too.

Pass the ribbon trough the hem, on both sides.

Cut the extra ribbon lenght if needed. Leave enough length so the ribbon doesn’t disappear in the hem when you slide in your duvet cover.

Turn the pillow cover right side out! Look at this pretty fabric!

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Slide your rolled duvet cover in. If you took the measurements correctly at the start it should be quite easy

Pulls on the drawstrings to close the cushion and finished with a nice knot.

And done! Relax and enjoy your new bolster pillow.

Watch the bolster pillow tutorial in video

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If you like to add more pillows to your bed, this 15 minutes tutorial “how to make a pillowcase” is very easy to follow.

Someone find the bed very comfortable 😉

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You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.


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