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50 DIY pillows to jazz up your decor

diy tassels pillow cover

Throw pillows come in an endless variety of forms, colors, and texture, and they are your best ally when it comes to add a personal touch to your interior decor. Cushions give a cozy feeling to any room, not just on your couch. You can add pillows on your bed, on a bench in the entrance, on the kitchen chairs, or even place some on the floor to make a little reading nook or playing area for the kids.

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Pillows add color and texture in the house, but it doesn’t mean that they must be stacked anyhow. Read the following if you want some tips to well choose your cushions.

1. Choose a cohesive color palette and stick to it. You can pick one color in different shades or prefer a combination of several complementary colors. Think about how your color palette will look on your couch, armchair, or bed. You can choose a palette that contrasts with your decor (to add a pop of color) or prefer to keep the pillow in the same shade as your interior.

2. Mix print and solid fabric, and don’t hesitate to add some texture (with knitted or weaved pillows as an example). The mix will look great as long as you follow your palette color. If you choose cushions in the same shade of color as the room decor, pick different texture to make your cushions stand out.

3. For a super cozy look play with different sizes of cushions: place the largest behind and smaller in front. On the bed, you can add one of two lumbar cushions. It will structure the pillow setting and they are super comfortable if you like to read or watch TV in bed. On the couch, if you don’t want to move the cushions around every time you sit, you can place the bigger pillows on the sides and the smaller ones in the center. It visually creates an invitation to sit.

4. Add fun choosing different pillow shapes. A round or small lumbar pillow will look great in an armchair. You can decorate a kid’s bedroom with some fun shaped cushions (doughnut, animals, letters…)

5. Don’t go overboard! As much as we love pillows if you can’t sit on your sofa or lie down in your bed, you have a problem … so remove some cushions.

If you like the cushions as much as I do the best is buy or sew pillow covers, so you don’t end up suffocating under a ton of pillows. Covers are super easy to change, to wash, and to store. If you can’t help yourself and still have some extra cushions around, you can put them in a nice basket, or even display them on a shelf if you lack room in your closets.

Now that you have some tips in mind to choose the right throw pillows, you can have a look at these 50 awesome tutorials to sew your own cushions. You will find knit and crochet patterns, some fun shaped pillows for the kids, a bunch of amazing ideas to customize pillow covers and a few options to make no-sew cushions. I’m sure you will find inspiration to create some pretty pillows for your home.

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An extra tip: No matter the pillow cover you like to make you will need some cushion insert. A good choice is an insert filled with a nice fluffy mixture of down and feathers, 50/50 is the best. They keep them nice shape over time and are so comfortable. Once you try feather inserts there will be no way back to the polyester filling.

* * *

Los cojines vienen en una variedad infinita de formas, colores y texturas, y son tu mejor aliado cuando se trata de agregar un toque personal a tu decoración interior. Dan un toque acogedor a cualquier habitación, y no solo en el sofá. Puedes agregar cojines sobre tu cama, en un banco en la entrada, en las sillas de la cocina, o incluso colocar algunos en el piso para hacer un pequeño rincón de lectura o una área de juegos para los niños. Los cojines decorativos agregan color y textura a la casa, pero eso no significa que deban apilarse de cualquier forma. Lee lo siguiente si quieres algunos consejos para elegir bien tus cojines.

Elige una paleta de colores coherente y apégate a ella. Puedes elegir un mismo color en diferentes tonos o preferir una combinación de varios colores complementarios. Piensa cómo se verá tu paleta de colores en tu sofá, sillón o cama. Puedes elegir una paleta que contraste con tu decoración (para agregar un toque de color) o puedes preferir escoger cojines del mismo tono que tu interior.

Mezcla telas con impresión y telas sólida, y no dudes en agregar un poco de textura (como las almohadas tejidas por ejemplo). La mezcla se verá genial siempre si sigas los colores de tu paleta. Si elige cojines del mismo tono que la decoración de la habitación, elija diferentes texturas para que tus cojines destacan.

Para un aspecto súper acogedor, juegues con cojines de diferentes tamaños: coloques en el respaldo los más grandes y los más pequeños al frente. Sobre la cama puedes agregar uno o dos cojines lumbares. Estructurará la cama y son súper cómodos si te gusta leer o ver la televisión en la cama. En el sofá, si no quieres mover los cojines cada vez que te sientas, puedes colocar las almohadas más grandes a los lados y las más pequeñas en el centro. Creara visualmente una invitación a sentarse.

Diviértete eligiendo diferentes formas de almohadas. Un cojin redondo o lumbar pequeño se verá muy bien en un sillón. Puedes decorar la habitación de los niños con algunos cojines con formas divertidas (donas, animales, letras …)

¡No te pases por la borda! Tanto como nos encantan las almohadas, si no puedes sentarte en tu sofá o acostarte en la cama, tienes un problema … así que quíta algunos cojines.

Si te gustan los cojines tanto como yo, lo mejor es comprar o coser fundas, para no terminar asfixiada abajo de una tonelada de almohadas. Las fundas son súper fáciles de cambiar, lavar y almacenar. Si aún tienes algunos cojines adicionales, puede colocarlos en una bonita canasta, o incluso exhibirlos en una repisa si, no caben en tus armarios.

Ahora que tienes algunos consejos en mente para elegir los cojines adecuados, puedes echar un vistazo a estos 50 paso a paso para coser tus propios cojines. Encontrarás patrones de punto y ganchillo, algunas almohadas con formas divertidas para los niños, un montón de ideas increíbles para personalizar fundas y algunas opciones para hacer cojines sin coser. Estoy segura de que encontrarás inspiración para crear algunas almohadas bonitas para tu casa.

Picture above from See Kate Sew

zippered round pillow

Picture from DIY in PDX

Sewing pillows tutorials

How to sew a round pillow

DIY African mud cloth pillow

DIY rug hook pillow

Origami pillow cover

How to make an Egg shaped pillow

DIY velvet and tassels pillow

How to sew a lumbar pillow

Two tones yarn tassels pillow (picture)

Straps weaved pillow

DIY pom poms pillowcase

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customized pillow with leather

Picture from the Lovely Drawer

DIY Pillows hacks

How to make DIY painted pillows (picture)

DIY faux woven pillow

Moroccan style customized pillow

No sew geometric cushion (picture)

DIY scalloped pillow case

Modern pom poms pillow case

DIY stamped cushion cover

How to make a fluffy cushion

No sew tassels and pom poms pillows

DIY stitches tassel cushion

DIY quote pillow

easy DIY Hello pillow

DIY Calligraphy pillow

The easiest way to create a cute pillow is to customize a cushion cover. You can get what you need HERE and HERE.

diy crochet pillow with fringes

Picture from Pop Shop America

DIY Crochet and knit pillows

Easy DIY crochet pillow with tassels (picture)

Chunky knit throw pillow

Free round crochet pillow pattern

Round boho pillow

Arm knitted cushion

Heart-shaped pillow crochet pattern

Crochet and cross-stitch pillows


easy no-dew pillow

Picture from Wonderwood

DIY no-sew pillows

How to make a pillow using a table runner

Make a pillowcase with a scarf (hand stitches)(picture)

No-sew outdoor rag rug pillow

No sew pillow case


diy painted pillow

Picture from the Merry Thought

Ideas to make fun shaped pillows

DIY fleece unicorn pillow

Llama cushion

Ice cream cone pillow pattern

One hour big floor cushion

How to make a rainbow pillow

How to sew a Santa pillow

Succulent pillow DIY

DIY knot pillow tutorial (picture)

DIY no-sew pop tart pillow

How to make letters pillows

Sew a cute puppy pillow

DIY cactus pillow

No-sew cat pillow

Doughnut pillow

How to sew a cloud pillow

DIY pretzel pillow

Circus animal cookie pillows

DIY Postcard pillow

* * *

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diy knot pillow

Picture from Little Inspiration

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50 DIY pillows - sewing tutorial and no-sew


You will find all the tutorials featured in the video on my “Best DIY” page.

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