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Easy Glass Jar decorating idea

DIY decorating glass jar idea

Glass jars are great storage containers. You can use them anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. The best part is you can reuse food jars to keep the house organize. 

This easy glass jar decorating idea, allows you to turn any glass container into a pretty storage. The small pots are perfect to keep craft and sewing supplies, the large glass jars are convenient to preserve bulk food.

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I like to reuse items and I keep a lot of things that I may recycle “one day”. No need to say that it can be a problem to store that many items…hopefully I’m not a hoarder (yet) so every once in awhile I declutter.

It’s how I get my hands back on a few nice shaped jam and mustard jars, and I thought they would make nice containers for the kitchen.

As I like things to be pretty, I use some air clay and beads to customize the lids. 

This easy decorating idea allows you to turn any glass jar into cute and modern storage! Scroll down to read the tutorial.

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extend air clay to make decorative glass jar

How do you make a decorative glass jar?

Supplies you will need to make pretty lids:

Start by taking some air clay, roll it into a ball and flatten it using the rolling pin.

Extend the clay until it’s about 5 mm thick, try to have the same thickness everywhere. The clay surface must be big enough to cover the lid.

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wrap clay around lid to decorate glass jar

Place the clay on the lid and press. Fold the clay around the lid side and trim the extra clay along the lid edge.

smooth the clay on the glass jar lid

Wet your fingers with some water and smooth the clay all around the lid.

decorate the lid of glass jar

I used a wooden bead to decorate the lid.

Take a small piece of clay, roll it into a ball and extend it with the rolling pin. You must have a thickness of more or less 1 cm (1/3 in.). Cut a small circle in the clay (I used the lid of a glue stick).

DIY lid glass jar decorating

Take a small piece of wire, fold it in two in the middle and pass it through the bead. Pass the two wire ends through the clay circle and fold the wire so the bead and the clay circle stay together.

make a decorative lid for glass jar

With the cutter tip (or with a toothpick) make some scratches in the center of the lid and on the bottom of the clay circle.

Add a little water and place them on top of each others and pressing lightly.

How to upcycle a glass jar lid with clay

Stick a small bead of clay on top of the wood bead to cover the wire. Wait for the clay to dry, it usually takes 1 or 2 days.

varnish decorated glass jar lid

Once the clay is dry, you can sand your lid for a better finish. Remove the dust and apply a coat of varnish. If you like you can also paint the clay.

How to decorate a glass jar

And done! What do you think?

I love recycling craft project as they are really cheap to make. This decorating jar idea is a great way to reuse glass containers into beautiful and useful storages.

I use them in the kitchen to keep salt, sugar and rice. They can also make great containers for the office (for craft or sewing supplies…) or in the bathroom (cotton pads, Q-tips…).

They can also make cute cookie jars if you like to bake.

Where would you use them?

I love to see your creations, so don’t hesitate to let me a comment or share them on social media (FB: @ohohdeco IG: ohoh.deco)

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decorating glass jar lid ideas

DIY glass jar decorating


easy idea to decorate glass jar

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Glass jar storage decorating idea



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Monday 13th of November 2023

I love the flower vase. It is really beautiful. Also, the kitchen containers, how do you visualize how they will turn out? You have a great talent. Thank you for sharing. Deirdre.


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