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Boho Mirror, the easy DIY

Have fun crafting a boho wall mirror to decorate your room. This DIY is super easy to make. The mirror looks like it’s made with rattan, but no worries you won’t have to mess with a lot of craft supplies.

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The mirror frame is made out of brown paper and cardboard, nothing else.

Sounds like an easy way to make a boho mirror, right?

You will find the full instructions below, along with a video tutorial! Have fun creating your mirror frame.

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Boho Mirror

Supplies you will need to make a wall boho mirror.

I used a beauty mirror of 8 inches diameter (20cm) but the DIY will work with different mirror sizes.

I shared a link where to buy the cardboard, but it’s better if you can reuse any box you already have.

There is a lot of pretty crafts you can make using brown paper, you can have a look here and here for inspiration, so it can be a good option to buy a full roll.

The mirror frame is made out of paper “dowels”. The first thing to make is to roll the paper on itself to make paper sticks.

Cut a square of 8 by 8 inches. (20x20cm) in the brown paper.

Fold the paper in the diagonal and cut following the fold to have two triangles.

Place the wooden dowel along the triangle base and start rolling the paper around it. Don’t add glue, the dowel will just help you to roll the paper on itself.

Add glue on the triangle tip and keep rolling the paper to the end of the tip.

Slide the wooden dowel out, and done! You have your first “paper stick”.

You will need seven more small paper sticks.

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So, in total, you need to cut 4 paper squares, which will give you 8 paper triangles that you have to roll on themselves to make the 8 sticks.

As you can see in the first picture, the flower shape of the mirror is made of several petals. Each petal has 2 arches, the inner one made with small paper sticks and the outer one made with the long paper stick.

You now need to make 8 longer paper sticks.

Cut a brown paper square of 13 by 13 inches (33 x 33 cm).

Fold the paper square in the diagonal and cut to have two triangles.

Take one triangle, place the dowel along the long side, and roll the paper around it. Don’t add glue, you use the dowel to help you roll the paper on itself.

Add glue on the triangle tip and keep rolling the paper until you have a “stick”. Slide the dowel out and done.

Make a total of 8 long paper “sticks”. As you can see is quite simple and the steps are the same as making the small paper “dowels”.

Time to make the mirror back. Place the round mirror on the cardboard and report the shape. Cut it out with scissors or a cutter.

With a pencil divide the cardboard circle into 8 equal parts. This will help you to glue evenly the paper around the mirror.

Take a glass and wrap one of the short paper sticks around it. Take the center of the stick, place it against the glass, and press to bend.

Trim the paper ends if needed and glue the paper on the cardboard circle.

Add dots of hot glue next to the marks and place the paper ends on them. The DIY mirror frame has 8 petals, each with two arches. So glue the small arch inside the marks to leave enough room for the second arch.

Take one of the long paper sticks and bend it around a paint tin.

I used a 1-liter paint bucket, but you can use any round-shaped container you have around, a soda bottle will work fine.

Just remember you need to use a small container (like a glass) for the inner arch of the petal and a larger container to bend the outer arch of the petal.

Trim the end of the paper if needed and glue it on the cardboard circle. Place the paper ends next to the one already glued.

Keep bending and gluing the paper on the cardboard to create the flower frame. Make one petal at a time and check that they all have the same size.

And done! This is what your boho mirror must look like at this point!

To have a clean finish, I cut a circle on the brown paper and glue it on the back. So it hides the petal gluing.

This step is optional but I think the mirror looks nicer this way.

Turn the frame right side up and glue the round mirror on it.

To give the mirror a nice finish, I glue some wooden beads around it.

I used a wooden necklace that I wasn’t wearing, so it was quite easy to place the beads around the mirror and glue them.

You can choose to glue the wooden beads one by one or to pass them on twine and then glue the mini-necklace around the mirror.

The last thing you have to do is to cut a small piece of ribbon or twine, fold it to make a loop, and glue it on the mirror back so you can hang it on the wall.

If you prefer you can also use this super-easy hanging system.

And done! Your Boho mirror is finished, the only thing you have to do is hanging it on the wall!

It’s such an easy DIY mirror. I hope you will enjoy making it as much as I did.

Watch the video tutorial to easily make your Boho Mirror

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I like to mix small mirrors and baskets! I create this little gallery in my craft room.

Round mirrors are a great way to decorate walls and to add perspective to a room. Tell me, where would you like to hang your boho flower mirror?

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