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DIY Christmas Bow Door

DIY Christmas Bow door

Christmas decor isn’t complete without decorating the front door. Don’t you agree? I hanged a wreath last year but it moved a little with the wind and scratched the door paint. Nothing serious but our door is metallic, and painted with spray paint so it’s more complicated to fix up the paint.

I wanted to find a nice idea of decoration for our door without damaging it. Making a bow and pack the door as a big gift is an easy Christmas door decoration. Plus it’s budget friendly and you can reuse the fabric year after years.

I also like that the door looks nice from outside and inside too. You will find all the details with a list of materials below. Don’t forget to watch the video, I show you how I made the bow using two small pieces of fabric and twist ties.


DIY Christmas Bow door

DIY Christmas Bow Door

Material you will need to make your Christmas door decoration:

  • Organza fabric
  • Twist ties
  • An extra pair of hands or some masking tape

I used organza fabric, you can choose an other one if you like. Keep in mind that the fabric must be light weight and thin enough to be passed under the door and between hinges, if your fabric is too heavy you won’t be able to close the door properly.

How much fabric do you need?

It depend of your front door dimensions of course. You need two pieces of fabric, one to wrap horizontally and a second to wrap vertically. I tell you how to take measurements:

  • Two time the width of your door + 1 yard to make the horizontal wrap.
  • Two time the high of your door + 1 yard to make the vertical wrap.

I cut the fabric in half lengthwise to have fabric strips of 30 inches width, so I ended up with some extra material. You can use it to make the bows.

If you prefer adding bows in an other fabric color you will need 1 yard of fabric for each bow (so two yards if you decide to make a bow for the inside and an other one for indoor). I also cut the fabric lengthwise to make the bows. I folded one part to make the bow itself and the other to make the bow tail. You can watch “how to” in the video.

Once the fabric is cut at the right dimensions, just wrap the door as a gift. To prevent the fabric to slip around, you can also use masking tape to hold it while making the knots. Once the knot are made it hold by itself, so you can remove the tape. I used some staples to hold the bows in place.

It took me less than 10 minutes to make this Christmas door decor and costed less than 8$!

* * *

DIY Christmas Bow door

I love that it looks nice on both sides of the door. This Christmas craft works also if you want to decorate an indoor door, like a classroom or an office. I do prefer to use fabric as it’s more durable and above all reusable years after years, but you can also make this bow door using crepe paper (for indoor use of course).

What do you think of this easy Christmas front door decoration? Which color would you like to use? Gold or silver will look very elegant, I will have to try it next year.

I love to see what you make, so don’t hesitate to share your door creation in comment, share them on social media using #ohohdecodiy or drop me an email at amaohoh(at)gmail(dot)com. Have fun crafting!


DIY Christmas Bow door

Want to remember this? Save this Christmas Bow Door in your favorite Pinterest board.

DIY Christmas Bow door




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    Bel effet ! Ça en jette ! Les enfants ont du être ravis de voir leur maison transformée en gros cadeau et je suis impatiente de connaître leurs réactions et commentaires !

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      Ils attendent plutôt les cadeaux de Père-Noël…la porte leur a pas fait trop d'effet 😉