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How to build wall shelves

How to build wall shelves

Which house does not need extra storage? Nothing better than an empty wall to add some extra shelves.

These wall shelves are very easy to build, you only need a simple tools a few planks you can create floating shelves. In addition, you can easily adapt the measurements to your space.

I made those wall shelves to organize the bathroom…but you can use them all around the house!

These DIY wooden shelves are great to store toys, dishes, or craft supplies…You can have a look at my son’s bedroom where I use the same kind of wall shelves to display his car collection.

These easy wall shelves are elegant and modern.

These display shelves are built with simple planks and some brackets, supplies that you can easily find in any hardware store.

You can give them the finish you want, tint and varnish if you like to keep the wood exposed or paint them if you want to match them with your decoration.

I went for a dark wood stain but you can choose any color you like.

Ready to build some extra storage?

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supplies to make DIY shelves

Supplies to build DIY wall shelves

Here goes the materials you will need to make a wall shelf:

The corner braces will remain slightly visible, so you can buy some the right color or spray paint them the same shade as your wall before screwing them on the wall.
My shelves have a finished dimension of 4 ft by 10 in. (120cm x 25cm). You can of course adapt the measurements.
The top and bottom boards must be the final length of your shelf. Vertical planks must have the final height minus 2 plank thicknesses.

How to build DIY shelves

Step 1

I used 6in. x 1in. x 8ft planks and cut them at the following dimensions:

  • 2 pieces of 4 ft to make the top and bottom of the box
  • 2 pieces of 9 inches to make the box sides.

Step 2

Sand the plank edges, and screw the sides with the top and bottom.

The sides are placed in-between top and bottom and fixed with three screws on each end. You can also add some wood glue before screwing to strengthen the assembly.

Step 3

Sand the box, stain or paint them the way you like.

I used this shade if you like the same finish.

Step 4

To hang them on the wall,  screw a 2 1/2 bracket on each box top corner and screw them on the wall.

And done, you just made a super practical wall storage.


If you want a more detailed tutorial, with step-by-step pictures, don’t hesitate to have a look at the DIY box shelves I made for my son’s bedroom.

The shelves are the same but with a smaller high as I build them to display his car collection.

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DIY wall shelves

I wrote this DIY shelves tutorial for Bob Vila.

Remember you can easily adapt the box shelf dimension to your needs.

The corner brackets are slightly visible, if you want a prettier finish, you can paint them the same color as the wall. Or you can also use corner brackets a little more fancy like this one or this other…that you will like to keep visible.

I love that these shelves are super easy to build and that you can make them in any size and color.

These practical DIY box shelves are useful in any room of the house: in the bathroom to store towels and lotions, in a playroom to keep toys at kids sight but off the floor, in an office or living room to display a collection and even in the kitchen to show pretty crockery.

What do you think? Where would you like to hang extra shelves? What would you like to display on them?

I love to see your DIY, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or tag me on Instagram ohoh.deco.

DIY wall shelf


easy wall shelf

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