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How to make paper clip earrings

If you are stuck at work during summer time with not much to do! If you already watched all your friends vacation pictures on facebook….it’s time to make something fun! This is the perfect DIY for a boring working day! All the supplies to make those funny earrings are already on your desk : paper clips, scissors, glue and color paper.

Open the paper clip to make a triangle. Here are three ways to make earrings…but I’m sure there is much more options, just be creative!

Grab a magazine, a flyer…any paper which you like the color! Cut two long triangles in it.

Fold the upper part around the paper clip and glue.

Wrap the paper around and glue the end. First earrings pair: done!

Second option: cut two paper rectangles.

Fold the paper like an accordion, and then fold in the center to make a fan.

Glue the top part with the paperclip.

Third way: Cut two rectangles for each earring, one shorter than the other.

Fold them in the middle and glue them on top of each other on the paper clip. 

Cut small fringes with your scissors. And ready!

Obviously it’s paper jewelry, so it won’t last forever! As it just takes 5 minutes to make, it’s totally ok! Now you can match any of your outfit with paper clips earrings! I hope you will have as much fun as I did making them! You can share your creation in the comments! And if you want to keep doing recycled jewelry, you can also have a look at how to make earrings with straws!


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